BKK not ok :(

People are visibly unhappy, sad, frustrated and there is a generally miserable tone here.

Last night’s basketball games opened my eyes to it all, perhaps i was previously nieve and this is always the way it was.

During an earlier game i was confronted by a player that was clearly looking to fight. But what struck me was that the thai supported him, and the others were too afraid to say anything. (The dispute was about the rules of basketball, they play their way and that rules are dictated by them)

Later i moved to another court, and asked some non thai guys if they had noticed this, it was then that i was enlightened to that bieng the common knowlege.  “That” being the Thai sentiment of foreigners. I probably never boticed it before because i came here seceral times and forked out hundreds of dollars, so i got happy people. Now that i am bieng more thrifty, and walking the streets a lot more its written in there faces.

The Thai in Bangkok are happy to take money, after that they would prefer  you leave.

Maybe because westerners of the past have given us a bad reputation.

It’s fantastic that they are holding strong on their culture, the English language has blanketed so many cultures around the world, however they need to use it as a tool, not for our sake but theres, to succeed globally in business.

I am more than happy not to comeback here, the city really doesn’t  have more to offer after a day or two of exploring. I remember times in the countryside that was enjoyable, but come to think of it, my optimism was what made my experience here great previously.

I am determined not to let it bother me, so i am going to find a nice spot and chill.

<- women left, men who pay and carry baggage right ->