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The Beauty of Algebra: Why the abstraction of mathematics is so fundamental


NEIS 2012 – Wantirna

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Bridh Athanatos - NEIS Resume





The seven o’s


Who are the Occupants of your market?

What is the Object they buy? (forget what your selling

Objectives : (, why they buy things.)

Organisations :  (who participates in the buying decisions?)

Ordering source (OS)

Decision Marketing (DM) house wife etc..

Operations: how do they buy?

Occasions: when do they buy?

Outlets: where do they buy?





Debt Collection

Seven days =  phone call

One month = statement of accounts

? = Letter of demand (from collections agency)



Psychology + Maths = Marketing



Buying motives

Desire for gain

Skill, memories, story, challenge, achievements, validation

Fear of loss

Esteem, exclusion, pride

Comfort & convenience


Security & protection

Pride of ownership


impulse buying, expectation of fun, exploring



Copyright and you – Julia Adams

Shiff & Company Lawyers & Consultants

Presenter Outline:

Julia Adams is a lawyer that works to protect people’s intellectual property and intellectual copyright in the border entertainment sector-which covers film media and games publishing. Julia speaks on the important topic ‘What is copyright?’ and people’s rights on what they can reproduce, publish or even perform of the work in public.


Marketing, deals and money – Martin Wilkes


Martin Wilkes

Addictive Agencies

Games association Victoria board member

Presenter Outline

Martin talks about how important making deals in the games industry can be. The idea of finding a solid fulltime position in a games company is not as lucrative, as partnering with other like minded individuals and developing a product or service to publish independently. This is made possible through the use of mediums such as the Apple app store. Another way of partnering is in the form of a contractor to a company. By offering specialised high level skills, one becomes an appealing asset to have. Martin talks about the importance of having a promo or demonstration of your work ready.


Business Plan – Martin Wilkes

Presenter Outline

Having a business plan is one of the most crucial things to own while working for yourself. If indeed you’re expecting to make money then planning out your goals and how to reach them makes a strong foundation, although the plan is not concrete and can be altered, the thought remains the same, why do you want one?

How does the topic relate to the Games Industry?

Fail to plan means you’re planning to fail. Start with an analysis of the games industry. Create a marketing plan by dividing the markets up that exist within the games industry such as retail chains, mac store, app store and android. Creating a viable entity with a well-executed plan is a sure way to compete in the games industry. The plan will identify who you are, what you do and how the business intends to distribute the revenue it creates.


Play in adulthood


Stuart Brown

Presenter Outline

The capacity for play exists within all of us. However the importance of play has been reduced even though play is vital to many aspects of life. Play is important both biologically and psychologically, which will be explained in further details where i relate this to my own ambitions in the game industry.

How does the topic relate to the Games Industry?

The public perceives computer games as childish and immature because they are not dealing with reality, unlike cinematic experiences, which may replicate real events, such as in Schindler’s List. The movie is an account of the Jewish community being exterminated during the early forties by the dominant Nazi power. An extremely large number of human lives were lost in this tragic genocide, although Mr Schindler heroically used his personal finance and influence to save a great number of people on his ‘list’. How would the public feel, about playing a game called Schindler’s list? This is the struggle the games industry is dealing with.

Games can be classified as violent and inappropriate for children however games are also viewed as childish and immature, but games dealing to closely with reality are taboo and potentially unpopular. The industry is forced to inform the public that time spent having fun is not wasted but add to value to the quality of peoples lives. The correlation being while games are childish and immature, this allows for play, an important part of life that should not be dismissed.

An episode of Good Games on the ABC television network, contradicted a game rating of Mature with the same theme being rated as PG in the cinemas. This type of inconsistency is a result of misunderstanding the psychology involved in computer games, which in turn impacts the games industry directly.

By overcoming the initial bias towards computer games, a player can unlock inner passion brought about by the opportunity to play. They have the chance to explore previously enjoyed experiences and to become fully involved and engaged. Imagination and creativity are required and exercised, two things which are very important to success in every day life. Play is not only a learning process, but also a biological exercise like dreaming.

Stuart Brown believes taking a serious look at play, seeing this is as just as important for survival on the long term as research in other medical areas such as heart disease. Unfortunately science has yet to do this to fully explore the biological importance of play.

Neoteny means taking play from childhood to adulthood. Computer games industry can help bridge these gaps, allowing adults to continue to play in a carefree environment.

How does the topic relate to my own ambitions in the Games Industry?

One belief that I have held on to for some time was that in order to be successful in the games industry I am required to work hard, meet deadlines and struggle...which is true. However the by-product of this is, at times, sacrificing a good time and the ability to play, which I deemed not necessary. When Stuart Brown mentioned that an animal that plays not only impacts on performance when needed, but also actually helps survival, I was inspired.

Creating wealth from creating games miserably or creating wealth from games and enjoying the process seems to be a choice. Traditionally the perception is that working hard means sacrificing enjoyment. This has helped me understand that playing is ok even DURING work, if the work gets done at the same rate then the product is unchanged, and the need for frowns and seriousness at all times is a false perception.

Play enables the exploration of possibilities, resulting in opportunity to solve problems in new ways. By retracting the claws and covering the teeth helps find the difference in power that is in all of us.

The difficult area of this concept is that in order to play there need not be purpose. This conflicts with goals or objectives in business, where purpose is the motivating force that drives success in many organisations. If purpose comes into play, however, it’s probably not play. Nevertheless, play is practical. Social play, rough and tumble, imaginative play, narrative (story) result in cognition of emotions, which is a healthy tool to have when dealing with complex scenarios that exist in the games industry. I know that when I feel fresh after a holiday or even a small break I notice problems are so much smaller, thus making them easier to handle. I am more relaxed and the solution is achieved without stress even under time constraints.

The opposite of play is depression.


Film Victoria Digital Media Internship

Presenter Brad Giblin

Presenter Outline

“Who wants to work in a company?”

“Who wants to work for yourself in an indie games role?” was the questions Brad Giblin opened up with at the beginning of his presentation. Brad works for Film Victoria which is a government initiative to promote films & digital media, games are a part of this. Brad is involved in the process of grant funding. Film Victoria gives money to people with a concept they believe will make money and be a viable business. Film Victoria has funded every game’s company in Victoria and they offer direct funding for games of all shapes and sizes. They are the only government in Australia to have such a level of funding and have been doing so in the games industry for the past 15 years. The culture at Film Victoria is “Will it make money or not?”

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