Community Sports

Kfit is unable to approach australia after raising 12m to expand into asia. Reported on bloomberg. 

Its possible australia is a hard nut to crack as most people here would prefer to stick with their prefered activity, rather than bounce around to a new sport every day. Kfits business model is to take a fee from the attendee and a fee from the host. By asking the host to provide a cheaper service, kfit will then invoice upto 30 days later.

A system that paid hosts quicker would be prefered and no doubt they are working on it. However have hosts pay a subscription to use the service would be better for the users and the hosts, having a cap on spending. The problem arises when the host pays a subscription yet does not have attendees, therefore cannot convert them . Kfit is unable to garauntee players or attendees at the events, not in a meaningful way, as its up to the person if they feel like it. Once the host has effectivley converted a kfit attendee a goal has been achieved for them, this model is just a form of advertising.

Does kfit really have members? Why would it?

Most likely kfit will be spending mondey glueing attendee to hosts, by generating interest. So be prepared for a marketing campaign full of hype. 

What money remains will be spent on their lacking technology platform.