USA looming

Living in a van, a dream or a nightmare? Im going to be spending three months in America to find out what its like to be a modern nomad. (Best read in the voice of Louis Therauex) 

The itenerary consists of staying active with hiking and rock climbing, im hoping to meet up with people along the way that live a simlar lifestyle. By using meetup websites and bieng in the areas of America that are popular hiking destinations im looking to spend quality time climbing up big mountains with locals.

There is an indoor rock climbing gym located not to far from LAX, 880 Hampshire Rd Ste A, Westlake Village, CA. This could be a good starting point to work out and meet climbers. Failing that head to 34.08303,-118.78588 which is Santa Monica mountains to see if anyone needs a belay. Although i have not been climbing this year, seconding a grade of 5.10 should not be unreasonable. Considering i was previously at just under 5.11

The temperature seems to hold people back in southern california with 90-100f   (32-40c) bieng too hot. At Mt Arapiles sometimes you have no choice if you want to climb, although there are some cooler shady places to climb they are often busy there. 

Apparently Malibu has lots of trees so stays cool. Big bear is in the mountains so it don’t get above 85f. I have been chatting to a man  from meetup up he was kind enough to point me to a couple of facebook groups:

Its great to be formalising a plan, there is still quite a lot of details to work out, such as purchasing a vehicle. Maybe thats what i post next.

australian rock climbing grades vs other standards

A list of personal items required for every day life: 

  • Must haves: Head torch, backup cash clean(not worn), passport copy,
  • Hygene: garbage bags, nail clippers, ear plugs, mask, floss, tooth paste.
  • Electronics: universal power adapter, Long cable for power(for hard to get to points)
  • Mind: Books, podcast about destination, journal
  • Clothes: check hiking gear (patagonia?) [workout & casual, in water proof bag] Smart wool socks, zipped pockets, dry fast, travel shirt, jacket, pants (light). Hard soap to wash clothes (indian), travel towel, Jeans, 3-4 underwear, long underwear pant/top Wamrth, silk sleeping bag, plastic belt, vinyl clothes, thongs, 3-4 tshirts (quick dry), beanie wool, fleece, bandana (mouth cover dust), suncream, vinyls top & bottom
  • Bag: [water proof – Osprey?] 46litre bag, chain and locker, zip lock,  phone numbers, day bag / bum bag
  • health & medical: band-aids, food poising, diahorrea, toilet paper, hay fever
  • Camping: flint/lighter, rubber breaded clothes line, safety pins, Cooking food, tea, pot