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Spacegas – Preloader (intro)

This intrduction was created to support the Spacegas - The Final Fart (game).

Space gas the flash game.
(c) Bridh Athanatos 2011

A space expedition turns bad when two Australian astronauts once friends have a falling out, (literally) at the beginning of a mission. Things begin to turn ugly and once out of earths grasps, a vicious duel to the death begins. After training their whole life’s for the task of space travel, these two extremely fit astronauts face off floating high in the stratosphere with the earth appearing ominously in the background.


HET234 – Journal Entry Week 11 – Trickstar Games

Mike Fegan

Presenter Outline
The director of Trickstar games Mike Fegan looks to the future of gaming and how creating their own intellectual property (IP) is more important and lucrative than the reality for contract for hire work. Contract work doesn’t build value in the company and it’s not as satisfying.

How does the topic relate to the Games Industry?
Trickstar’s new focus is on Apple IOS and Android devices. Their new Ashes and WW2 arcade game to be released on these platforms. This is a new pathway to building IP, for example building stunt mania for the Mac apps store that coincides with a new hardware launch, which generated 260,000 downloads in the first few days. Converting to IOS is a viable option with the apps stores’ low barriers to entry; however challenges remain on how to rise above the noise. Mike commented that the Korean android market can be quite lucrative.

Cloud computing/gaming is changing the way we access content. In 2012 education forecasts mentioned that governments are making cutbacks in America, cloud will do all the heavy lifting processing and memory handling. Students will be accessing curriculum content through the cloud. Consumers are happy with less powerful cheaper computers. This may impact on the Playstation 4’s release expected in 2014. iPad is picked to replace the Wii console.

Just as book publishers are moving towards digital content, Cloud computing is said to revolutionise the entertainment industry from games to TV. Market analysts who are watching stock prices say that it creates many interesting companies.
People want short and sharp entertainment. In the next 18 to 24 months there will be a new breed of people playing games. There are approximately 200 million people playing games, known as “gamers”; however there is 1.6 billion average people gaining access to these games. This is motivated by high powered small form computer hardware, with apple working on its quad core processor and Sony pushing even further.

New technologies will see world of Warcraft on a smart phone, other titles Shadow gun, mad finger on unity 3.5. Unity showing great performance with new lighting effects, producing a gears of war clone.

With content online, new business models are trending such as subscription-based which increases cash flow consistency. Others may want to pay to play or free to play with advertisements.

The advent of content aggregation sees multiple sources converging together to boost resource accessibility. EA and Activision is investing heavily in this area, it impacts streaming content and is pushing to evolve the Cloud. Data centres are blooming with the iCloud to conveniently host everything. Netflix is a company capitalising as a streaming retailer.

Content creators have come from the bottom of the food chain as hard working and pressured to meet deadlines which were the old business model. Now the opportunity exists to use online services to take income straight from the source, as long as the game/content generates interest. This is important as publishers are always looking at their share prices instead of the quality of their products. However a niche market has emerged, with intelligently crafted and simplistic game mechanics at the core. Being creative with graphics rather than bloating a title with high quality imagery. These niche games lure people with short attention spans on to smart phones and tablets. Fruit ninja from Brisbane has 12 million downloads, success. The majority want short sharp entertainment with cool content that is simple to play.

Ironically reducing the prices of games and moving online to cloud is generating more income for developers. Equilibrium has formed and now piracy will no longer be required.

Trickstar have 35 people now and not 150 anymore this means students need to get smart.  Taking risks either works or it doesn’t. The games industry is going through difficult times, small teams with low budgets generating compelling content.

The national broadband network in Australia is going to make ISP’s cheaper and more competitive, however with low population and a large scale geographical space to cover. Thus other markets such as China where it reaches 70 million people, North America and also focusing on India for the Smartphone cricket games.

The Gaikai website serves digital content; Mike emphasised this resource throughout his presentation as a new way to distribute games.

How does the topic relate to my own ambitions in the Games Industry?

With so many different technologies it’s hard to know exactly what to do, wether to focus on one aspect of gaming or continue to develop a broad knowledge as Swinburne does, however Mike mentioned Apple often. What happened to its arch nemesis Microsoft?

To me “Microsoft versus Apple” means when windows releases its new operating system geared for touch screen devices, Apple’s market share is going to be impacted. The profitablity of the company will remain, however when deciding to create a game title for either platform, I believe Windows 8 deserves consideration.

650 schools in America are using iPads subsidised by Apple, Mike is backing Apple as they are “smart guys”. However I believe that this results in less competition in the market.

This presentation was an optimistic end to the unit; Mike believes the future for content is looking good, commenting we just have to get through the next few years of foundations and infrastructure.

Bridh Athanatos


NEIS 2012 – Wantirna

Survey MS Word
Survey PDF

Bridh Athanatos - NEIS Resume





The seven o’s


Who are the Occupants of your market?

What is the Object they buy? (forget what your selling

Objectives : (, why they buy things.)

Organisations :  (who participates in the buying decisions?)

Ordering source (OS)

Decision Marketing (DM) house wife etc..

Operations: how do they buy?

Occasions: when do they buy?

Outlets: where do they buy?





Debt Collection

Seven days =  phone call

One month = statement of accounts

? = Letter of demand (from collections agency)



Psychology + Maths = Marketing



Buying motives

Desire for gain

Skill, memories, story, challenge, achievements, validation

Fear of loss

Esteem, exclusion, pride

Comfort & convenience


Security & protection

Pride of ownership


impulse buying, expectation of fun, exploring



MSO – Sidney Myer music bowl 2012

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Considering putting a forum up for people to contact each other for erhu and chinese instrument tuition.

Please leave feedback below if you are interested in teaching or learning about this fantastic chinese instrument. Although based in Melbourne no reason why people all over Australia cannot entertain the thought.


HET234 – Journal Entry Week 10 – violence in games


Lara Crawford
Presenter Outline
There are those who fear and those who relish in violence, it is something we interact with every day. When you look at excerpts from a series of the most violent games strung together there is no denying that games appear fairly violent, “not that there’s anything wrong with it”.

Lara discusses the history of violence from being broadcast on the screen in the early 20th century, looking even further back to board games in the 1800’s. The gruesome events that were socially accepted in the grand colosseum during roman times brought the Romans together. Apart from these macabre events the Romans were extremely segregated. A public hanging not that long ago was a violent social affair, having children present was socially acceptable.  Violence in theatre is rife and has been for a very long time, jousting during medieval times was very popular.

“Conflict is the essence of comedy” – Aristotle 335BCE
How does the topic relate to the Games Industry?
In 1906 the period which Australia was leading the film industry, ‘ The story of Kelly gang ‘ was released and banned, then nationally we imported from the US many gangster films, our industry died off because we could not create violence.

They way we interact with violence in cinema is as simple as asking people how they felt after seeing a violent film. 1800’s board games created hysteria, thus violence is a broad topic.

The concern with moral panic

  • The parents and partners of consumers the ‘concerned’
  • Producers of screen violence (director, game developers)
  • Community  (church groups)
  • Experts, academics
  • Politicians (the emotive debate)
  • Reporters

We know very little what does versus doesn’t affect us.


  • Effect theory means that any form of violence has a rolling effect to beget more violence.
  • Instant gratification means making the users active has 100% no effect, however many people think differently as monitored pulse rate shows increase among other things.
  • Catharsis theory (Aristotle) – We choose to interact , with something violence, because it dampers our need to act out on them.
  • There is no scientific evidence of the effects of interacting with violent mediums and damage on the real world

The R18 classification is coming on the horizon, however still remains a contentious issue.

How does the topic relate to my own ambitions in the Games Industry?
Personally the topic of violence and games needs to be considered not only as a moral issue but also as this is what the market may be craving. Originally I thought that my game ‘Space gas’ was a funny happy game however I see that it also hinges off a conflict which in a mild way falls under the guise of violence.

I feel there is more intelligence when creating a non violent game as the shock is not required to exist, eliminating stress, the challenge is to make the game interesting enough with a degree of difficulty that does not extend into the other end of the spectrum which seems to be sex. Creating an educational title that has a story and is interesting requires another level of skill. I want to create happy funny games as these are more intelligent artistic expression.
Bridh Athanatos

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