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Driving with the lights off

Everyone i know who drives

drives with their headlights off

everyone is driving their life

i drive with my headlights on at night

driving with my headlights off is scarey

some people live with their brains off, this scares me too.

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Power, flow and control

The positive nature of blogging/keeping a diary is going to embed some good foundations in life.

  • For dropping bad habits
  • Overcoming difficulties
  • without anything but a pen and some paper.

Succeed through and from adversity

I like to think of the passive yet solid nature of water. Water flowing over rocks, being fluid enough to roll over the sharp rocks and crash into the solid immovable obstacles while converging down an accessible path naturally, water doesn't stop untill it has to, then it quickly settles, appearing so calm however the power is always present underneath and demands respect.

The way one handles difficult people, for example someone who irritates you and is vying for your reaction. Could make use of this way of applying this thinking to there life and emotions.

Like water, remain settled, however know that under the surface is an awesome amount of power that can be controlled. Throwing a rock, no matter how large in to a pond does nothing to the water, it simply makes room then begins to settle immediately, leaving the other person (tosser) frustrated to the point that they may very well end up falling in. The water consumes the individual choking the life out of them. Hopefully they can swim, but they leave wet and exhausted.

If that person comes back to disperse that pond, the water maybe relocated, but that person will get thirsty an will eventually dehydrate and die unless they find another source of water. Meanwhile the pond has merely been moved and quite possibly is enjoying the company of many others who are gratefull to have been given access to the new found water. People who prefer to throw clothes than rocks.

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My Last Five Girlfriends

Good to see english comedy still alive.

Brilliant films.

She's out of my league

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Found an absolute ripper topic about detachment,istock_generic_125024

such an awakening for me, i wish i had found this earlier...

Note: printable attachments are at the bottom of this post.

What is detachment?

Detachment is the:
* Ability to allow people, places or things the freedom to be themselves.


Plato’s Flight [book]

51WQdlQkz5L._SL500_AA240_A fresh and powerful look at the failure of the international political system. by Anthony G Cooper (Author)

This paperback took me a little adjusting to the heavy political mindset, i am not particularily intersted in politics however this was by no means a waste of time. It has very intersting concepts that make you say "Hey why aren't we doing that?"

Some topics covered:

  • Material prosperity has brought little general contentment.
  • Welfare
    • It has made people poorer than they otherwise would have been.
    • It has created mass unemployment.
    • It has left millions of people illiterate and innumerate.
  • Governments should be downsized.
  • Voting
  • Tax

Giving power back to the population is the essence of this book. I don't agree with everything said, however he makes some strong arguments.

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Blood suck #2

So i got my Key ring from the Australian Red Cross as i am now a repeat blood donor. The cool part about it is they store the details they collect from you, such as my weight which since my original donation in April 2009 i have gained 8Kg's. My blood pressure was 110 over 65 (almost identical to last time) and finally my hemoglobin was up 1 point to 14.9.

These stats make dropping 500ml's off to the very nice people their more enjoyable. For instance this visit filled the bag in 5 mins 31 seconds.

Replaced it with 500 ml's of strawberry milk, 375 ml's of solo, 2 pieces of fruit cake and a chunk of cheese.

Fair trade?

My blood type is O-

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