Looking out at the busy Queens rd from my lounge, it’s 6am and now I have been awake for a few hours, since returning from Europe, observing a different personal view.

Before leaving, the noise and bustle was starting to get annoying, even though I have only been here for 2 months. My attitude is now the same as when I moved in. Inspired.

There are so many people going places, I wonder where, what mini adventures are they going on? it’s exciting to think that they are all going to compete with each other, yet at the same time serve each other.

I wish to tell them, enjoy it, even if they are sick and they have a shitty job, enjoy the process, what’s the alternative…?

Being miserable and complaining isn’t going to help. Ha. I have been told this my whole life. How long before this becomes a memory stored but not accessible, replaced by looking at others, will i blend into the noise?

Perhaps this time, my will is strong enough to remember and listen, to my own internal melody.

The key is to break out of the cycles and ruts that we despise to find ourselves in. Even if it’s only a weekend away on a mountain top. A 10 min quiet tea break. For some putting down technology for 10 seconds closing your eyes and taking a really deep breath.

We can’t return invigorated without leaving.