Keeping it real and doing things the hard way

In memory of Ian Arbuthnott

Dear Terry,
The costs of time and energy invested into this car have been great and may never be recovered. At times it even got be down personally. Although you did warn me many times not to mess around with cars, i was foolish to continue. The disappointment of losses is going to be here for some time. I am leaving this town your noisy business and ridiculous night lights are not the only reasons. Your lies even though obvious and fairly innocent are still disrespectful.

Overall i know you are a decent person. We have known each other for 9 years now. I thank you for opening up and sharing personally, for being interested in my family life. Danny and yourself helped me through hard times when Yoshi passed i was low. But it was me who decided to start this project. It was me who spent months(12) trying to get this project complete. When it suited you your shop worked, charged and rushed the job through. Often leaving me to figure things out. Perhaps someday i will look back and hear Danny singing and whistling as he works, your jokes and laughing, and feel happy for the time spent, that was one of the main reasons we really did it after all.

It’s lucky i never got caught driving back n’ forth in primer with the doors off, what a sight!

Tomorrow i will make final payment, then it’s time to move on to my next project and just in time. How niave to think we could finish this in a few months…

It is a joy to drive in, i am grateful that my vision has become a reality, for that i thank you.