Eggplant toasties

First cut some egg plant into 3cm thick slices, Then place into a strainer and add salt liberally, try and arrange them so the white inside can breathe and bleed out. The salt should draw out a puddle of brown juice that is not necessary kept, so use a container to catch the run off as you will need to let this sit for 30 mins or overnight. Keep in mind you could always skip this step to speed up the process.

Turn the oven on real low for a slow cook, place the cut pieces onto an oiled tray, chuck in the oven until the tops are real firm and dry, about an hour later they should be done although during that time you would have prepared a delicious topping of your choice. Remove the eggplant from the oven and cut the skin off with a knife, Turn the oven off, I suggest you take some hot salsa and spread it on the soft side of the eggplant then apply some thinly cut tasty cheese, whack into oven until the cheese has melted, ready to eat. While eating the eggplant should be firm not soft or flimsy. I hope you enjoy these as much as i did.