Time to read

Recently i went rifling through my shelves for a decent book to read, I felt it was time after working relentlessly and tirelessly on a my basketball game.

Upon closer inspection of the receipt found wedged in the book Soul Made Flesh by Carl Zimmer i was shocked to find it dated late 2013, a good 5 years earlier than when i sat down to read it. The information was a real treat.

To my 5 month old son i wish to say, dont let time slip by, information is so cheap and the inspiration that comes from learning is the real wealth. The used book only costed $5.21 USD.

The time that past without reading it, is an indicator of  how time changes especially in your 30s.  It took me that much longer to break away from ignorance.

if you find yourself in a rut mate, its because your missing something, listen to yourself its probably really obvious and find perspective if it is not.

“I think it is a thing unworthy of a philospher and a searcher of the truth, to return bad words for bad words”

William Harvey mid 1600s on dealing with haters.

reading together