Study tips of an undergraduate.

Time management is priority one, Take notes!

As you read content, take what you need right then, if it’s a soft copy, copy & paste into a new document that will form the assignment paper. Be sure to reference each citation with page numbers. If its a hard copy type up content one time. Turn off instant messaging or any other devices that have potential to distract.

Lectures are the same deal what’s important is getting the info needed first time, so you need to be prepared, by printing the unit outline then reading it on transit, heading to lectures or whenever on public transport then you are being really productive. If your electronic Device(s) are slowing you down drop them and degenerate back to pen and paper. Get your degree!

Dealing with procrastination and boredom:
Depending on your style of will power you might want to smash the whole assignment in one shot, probably last minute ?
Or you can try the snails pace method of breaking tasks up into chunks, this is super important if your the busy type with a lot of food on (or spilling off) your plate. Basically spend time to split up your assignments, accountability is important here if you have a realistic view of how long tasks take then you can multi-task your study load effectivley.

There are various (5) levels of focusing:

  1. Now
  2. Today
  3. This week
  4. This month
  5. Each year

Know which time frame your in on every task you do, this will help with prioritising your tasks. Try not to get caught up too long on any one of the levels of focus

You must try to complete reading tasks first pass, focus on the assignment at hand. Re-reading is ineffecient, this may take practice if you are new to this kind of work. Stick with it because persistence will see you succeed even when passions are waining you can complete great things, its often just a lot of little tiring things that get you to the end.

Personal activities are a lower priority, you don’t have the luxury of having both especially to the lead up of exams. But then you get a break when it’s all done, which tastes sweet after hard work. Earn it.

Ask for help when you can, support groups are at uni, people to encourage your goals, make friends along the way!

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