The car was put back together, then sold off!

There is no mosquitos as i sit in
griffith park
Although i did see a fox or was it a coyote? Yep definatly a coyote!

Black beans nachos. with green pickled chillies

Adventures are best when unplanned

I got to foothills drive at the base of griffith park setup my hammock on the side of the road to get a few hours more sleep.

Taking advice from people who loved me i decided against sleeping like this in the city, and hatched a plan to combine the problem of accomodation with an item from my list of things to do. Rent a sports car. I booked in a mustang convertable with Fox rent a car. Although i ended up with a Crhysler 300C. I think its a good marketing tool to promise something then say we dont have that right now tou could wait or.. you could take one of these instead…

I was happy to cruise around in this. Headed theough sunaet blv, Hollywood, santa monica, all over LA.  My favourite place was Venice beach.