Time and time again…

We are constantly tested, and if you dont look at ‘things’ (problems as oppourtunities) with determination and a level head, your likely to make it worse.

Today, absolute rubbish. But handled extreamly well. So all in all a win. 
My reaction when the engine light came on and my ride became rough, was abrupt, acute disappointment. No mobile service, didnt really bother me. 

This was one of the things i had emotionally planned for and so was ready when it happened. It’s a sunny day and although i am in woop woop i quickly started to look at my options. I had food and water, and a place to stay. So no threats there. 

I decided to let the engine cool and checked the map.  I was going to drive it as far as i could, my mind was entertaining all the worst scenarios for the engine. I limped tenderly into the nearest mechanic. He was just about to head put bur nice enough to plug his  reader into the cara computer, “miss firing cyclinder 5

Relief, this was a simple fix, no longer was the whole car useless, its just a spark plug or lead. I ended up getting both just to be sure it was only $8 in parts. The tools were borrowed(purchased and returned) from walmart. After wrestling in the engine the job was done.

I locked the keys in the car. After spending an hour trying to jimmy the lock, i gave in, called and paid the repairman $90usd, after waiting an hour, he arrived and procesure was done, 45 seconds literal. 

Embarrassed at the ease; yet inspired at the lucred nature of the job, what a way to make money!

While wrestling with the spark plugs previously, i had pulled the brake vacuum hose. So when i went to finally drive off into the sunset, the brakes had failed! By now i was tired and fed up, but i also felt that it was juat another ‘thing’ to overcome. And aure enough i just had to plug it back in.

The whole time my emtions were swaying from:

  • What am i going to do with this car, i will never be able to get home and get my money back, its ruined!
  • Relief, i just fixed a very small problem and now my situation is exactly how it was.

Theres a moral somewhere there