Whirlwind hours turn to days

After selling my beloved Donald the Dodge Grand Caravan, a new journey had begun.

Trolley’s make you look very different depending on the contents of your cart, and people are looking
Top down view of the hammock in position for a sprinkler, if i only i knew…
I find that when you can spread out you can pack your bags in reverse order of what you intend on using least is the best way to pack
I have been abandoning my belongings each day, walking the balance between what is useful and what is holding me back

Skies were clear and just starting to get comfortable in the hammock, then 1AM the sprinklers showered me for 15 minutes before i finally had enough and packed up… the sprinklers then stopped 

IMG_3559 IMG_3560

Nothing motivates you out of bed like a good old splash in the face, i laughed when the sprinklers kicked in at 1am