Wilsons Promentory

Wilsons prom my first time. Roughly hiked 20 kms through over grown scrub, stumbled upon some gold flakes which got the heart racing. Later a hitch hiker told me its likely to be fools gold, do i believe him?
The facilities are amazing here, really good for first time campers, there is surf, mountains and I found the most peaceful place toward mt oberon on the telegraph rd,  trees had regrown after a fire, but there was a clearing formed recently by mudslides, nice birds ferns and running water.
I have seen 3 wallabies, echidna, wombat in the campsite, lots of black cockatoos and kookaburras, emu’s in the morning, an eagle and more.
Ready for sleep and it’s before ten, my legs are fatigued from the days circuit but my minds fresh, so fresh that I am now taking steps to enforce a camping trip or out door excursion every day.
When I buy my island this will be true. Hopefully the gold I gathered pays for it.
Got a nice touch of sunburn which is going to heat me up nicely tonight.
There is a school camp happening so I wonder if there is going to be any crazyiness they sure do run a muck.
Tomorrow after a big serving of vita Brits (9), I headed out to toungue point and hiked a further 15km.

Sleep time 9:45

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